Shilan Accessories Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm New to Shilan Accessories Ltd and 
need help placing an order

  • Who does Shilan Accessories Ltd sell to? We are a business to business showroom. We sell to boutiques, gift stores, e-tailers, specialty chains, department and catalog companies.

  • How do I become a Shilan Accessories Ltd retailer? Let us know when we can reach you via email or phone.
  • This is my first time order, where do I start? Write or call us. Let us know if you a clothing, gift, or lifestyle store.
  • What is your suggested retail price? Our jewelry ranges from $24-$100  handbags range $50- $250 scarves range $28-$95
  • Does Shilan Accessories Ltd sell to international companies? The companies and designers we represent have their own policies about shipping overseas. They set the policies regarding payments for oversea shipments.


About My Order

  • How long does a shipment usually take? 2-4 weeks depending on the designer
  • How do I know if my order was received? We can track your order and email a tracking number.


Placing An Order

  • How do I place an order? We would love to hear from you by phone, email, or fax.
  • Is there a first-time order minimum? This depends on the designer or company you are interested in placing an order with.
  • Is there a reorder minimum? This varies from designer to designer.
  • Is there a quantity minimum per style? This is rare and depends on the designer.
  • Do you have anything available for immediate shipping? Yes, but please let us know when you are placing an order.
  • How do I find the product number I need? We can send you a line sheet for the line or designer you are reviewing.



  • What forms of payment do you accept? Most of our designers and companies can take MC and Visa, a number of our companies will take Am EX.
  • When do the designer or company we represent charge my credit card? Your credit card will be charged right before shipping your order.
  • Can I pay by net 30 terms? This depends on the size of your order and the length of time your business has been established, your credit references are checked by the designer or company.
  • How can I apply/qualify for net 30 Terms? Please submit your credit sheet when placing your order.


Shipping Information

  • How do our lines ship? Most of our lines ship via UPS, some via FEDEX, and a few via USPS.
  • How long does a line take to ship? This varies depending on the production of your order.
  • How much will it cost to ship my order? This varies depending on the weight of your order.
  • Where are the lines shipping from? The line is shipped from where the designer is based for production.
  • When will my order arrive? The average ship time of 2 - 4 weeks from placing your order.


Repairs and Returns

  • Return and exchange policy. This is different from designer to designer. This information can be provided with your order.
  • Who do I contact regarding an item in need of repair? Please feel free to ring or write us. We will try to reply to your inquiry with in 24 hours.



  • How do I contact Shilan Accessories Ltd? We look forward to hearing from you, phone us at 312.527.1803 or drop us  a line at
  • At which shows can I see the lines? Our schedule of shows is noted under the top tab of our website under shows. If you do not see a show you will be attending please let us know. Some of our designers may participate in a show in New York city or Las Vegas. We are happy to check for you.
  • Cleaning and caring for jewelry? Each company or designer can provide this information when your order is submitted.